Research Institute of Electrical Engineering - Icpe, Bucharest
Research Institute of Electrical Engineering - ICPE Inginerie Electrica, Bucharest
Faculty of Electrical Engineering, University “Politehnica” of Bucharest (UPB)
National Institute of Research and Development in Informatics, Bucharest – ICI
University of Pitesti

July 31-August 2 2014 TARGOVISTE, ROMANIA

Section A

• Electrical Circuits, Electromagnetic Field and Numerical Modeling
• Electrical Machines, Robotics and Electromechanical Equipments, Electrical Vehicles
• Measurements, Metrology, Virtual Instrumentation
• Quality of Energy and Environmental
• Renewable Energy Sources, Smart Grids

Section B

• Electronics and Telecommunications
• Analog and Digital Signal Processing
• Control Systems, Industrial Applications, Flexible Manufacturing Systems
• Applied Informatics, E-Learning
• Sensors and Transducers

Honorous President

Calin Oros, Rector, University Valahia of Targoviste – UVT

Conference Co-Chairman

Prof. Horia Andrei, UVT
Assoc. Prof. Henri Coanda UVT

International Steering Committee

Prof. Adriana Alexandru ICI
Prof. Nicu Bizon, Univ. of Pitesti
Prof. Gianfranco Chicco, Polit. Torino
Prof. Cesar Chamorro, Univ. Valladolid
Prof. Dinu Coltuc, UVT
Prof. Lucien Dascalescu, Univ. Poitiers
Prof. Radu Dobrescu, UPB
Prof. Valentin Dogaru, UVT
Prof. Jean Paul Gaubert, Univ. Potiers
Prof. Sorin Grigorescu, UPB
Prof. Ioannis Hatzilygeroudis, Univ Patras
Prof. Valentin Ionita, UPB
Prof. Teodor Leuca, Univ. of Oradea
Prof. Driss Mehdi, Univ. Poitiers
Prof. Valentin Navrapescu, UPB
Prof. Guillermo Pallacios, Univ. Zaragoza
Prof. Mihai Octavian Popescu UPB
Dr. Paul Pencioiu, Ing. El.-ICPE SA
Prof. Radu Pentiuc, Univ. Suceava
Dr. Virgil Racicovschi, ICPE SA
Prof. Alexandru Salceanu, Univ. Iasi
Prof. Nicolae Vasile, UVT

International Advisory Committee

Prof. Costin Cepisca, UPB
Prof. Gerard Champenoise, Univ. Poitiers
Prof. Florin Constantinescu, UPB
Ph.D. Bogdan Cringanu, ABB Schweiz
Assoc. Prof. Luminita Duta, UVT
Prof. Jorgen Hansen, Univ. Copenhaga
Dr. Costin Ifrim, ECOAIR,USA
Prof. Florea Ioan Hantila, UPB
Prof. Mihai Iordache, UPB
Prof. Ion Lungu, CEZ
Assoc. Prof. Mihai Maricaru, UPB
Prof. Ernest Matagne, UC Louvain
Prof. Costica Nitu, UPB
Prof. Ulrich Rohde, Tech.Univ.Cottbus
Dr. Mircea Scutariu, Mott MacDonald
Prof. Marius Silaghi, Univ.of Oradea
Prof. Helga Silaghi, Univ.of Oradea
Dr. Filippo Spertino, Poli Torino


Assoc. Prof. Paul Patic UVT
Assoc. Prof. Cornel Salisteanu UVT
Assoc. Prof. Florin Stan, UVT
Lect. Diana Enescu, UVT
Lect. Gabriel Predusca UVT
Lect. Elena Virjoghe UVT

Local Arrangements and Secretariats
Lect. Adela Husu, UVT
Lect. Traian Ivanovici, UVT
Lect.Otilia Nedelcu, UVT
Assist. Dan Puchianu, UVT
Assist. Ion Caciula, UVT
Assist. Emil Diaconu, UVT
Dr. Adrian Tudoroiu UVT
Assist. Marian Vasilescu, UPB
Phd stud. Paul C. Andrei, UPB
PHD stud Gabriel Oprea UVT
PhD stud. Ciprian Oprescu, UVT
PhD stud. Bogdan Salisteanu, UVT
PhD Stud. Ion Vasile, UVT

Register to the Conference

Registration fee for a paper (multiple papers require multiple registration fees)

Official Language

English will be the official language of the symposium, which will be used for all printed materials, presentations and discussions.


Original, previously unpublished contributions are expected. Papers will be reviewed before to be included in the special issue of “The Scientific Bulletin of Electrical Engineering Faculty”, indexed by CNCSIS B+ and COPERNICUS Master List Journal. Full papers must be prepared according to the Bulletin template and should preferably be 6 pages but not exceed 8 pages.
Registration fee for a paper (multiple papers require multiple registration fees) is
Full registration fee 150 RON
M.Sc. and Ph.D. Students 75 RON
The registration fee covers the conference proceedings, the program guide, attendance at all technical sessions, welcome banquet, and coffee break.
For details please consult the Symposium web site

Important dates

June, 29, 2014: Full paper submission
July, 15, 2014: Acceptance notification
July, 22, 2014: Final paper submission
July, 25, 2014: Final registration

Oral presentations:

- presentations are scheduled to last not more than 15 min. As a general rule, 10 min. are for presentation itself and 5 min. for the questions and answers.
- presentations must be in PowerPoint ppt format. They will be uploaded before session.
Please plan your presentation accordingly.
Please make sure you use a very high quality slides including large fonts, good graphics and sharp coloring. Please do not use small text or hand written material on you slides.